The Waffle Chic

Pop-Up Location

The Premier American Restaurant in Lynbrook, NY

Welcome to The Waffle Chic Inc

At The Waffle Chic, every meal is extraordinary—it's an exploration, a celebration of
culture and flavors, and a revolution all rolled into one. Our Pop-Up Restaurant
Experience is the lab of our visionary Chef Karen Davis. The menu is designed with her
latest inventions and waffle-based creations, challenging and delighting the palate.
From savory surprises to sweet delights, every bite is an adventure.

Join us at our open, home-style kitchen for an intimate foodie experience.

Are you considering catering with us?

This is the perfect opportunity to try our food and see what makes The Waffle Chic special. Whether it’s a lively family dinner or a cozy evening with foodies, we’ve crafted an environment that enhances your dining experience and ignites your senses.

Reserve Your Spot at the Table

Due to the exclusive nature of our pop-up events, seating is limited. We’re open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Don’t miss your chance to have a seat at the table. Reserve your spot today and prepare for a meal that will not only make a good selfie but also a memorable food adventure.


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