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Our Story

Learn the story about The Waffle Chic.

Established In 2017

What started as a one-time event turned into a chic and delicious new business! The Waffle Chic (think chic as in fashionable, or “chic” as in “chicken and waffles”) owes its start to one brunch. In 2017, Karen was part of a non-profit organization that was planning a charity brunch. When the group discussed the menu, they tossed around a few ideas for food – they wanted to include something American. They landed on chicken and waffles, but wanted to make sure someone wouldn’t be stuck behind the table throughout the event. Karen suggested her husband be the one to cook, because he loved making breakfast food.

The Sunday before the event, they got all the supplies together for the brunch. But they didn’t just stop at simple chicken and waffles – They loaded up on whipped cream, fruit, and high-quality ingredients. The day of the charity brunch rolled around, It was a family effort ! They didn’t just serve basic chicken and waffles. Presentation was everything! The guests were amazed with what was being offered – The waffles were crunchy and soft at the same time. A far cry from Eggo!

While Karen talked about starting a business after that successful brunch, it wasn’t until the 2018 charity event that they put together their waffle operation again. But this time, they came even more prepared. They named themselves The Waffle Chic, had signage, and this time, they had a line. They told themselves if 2018 was as popular as 2017, they would consider starting up a waffle business. The line was the sign they needed to keep going.

The Waffle Chic likes to encourage people to eat “outside the box.” The business is built on pop-up events, including birthdays, parties, weddings, fairs, brunches, fundraising events, and more. They’ve been doing it sustainably since 2018. While the menu started with chicken and Belgian waffles, it has since grown to include blueberry, strawberry, pina colada, bacon and eggs, red velvet, chocolate chip, fish, shrimp, lobster, hamburgers, BLTs…you get the picture.

What does the future hold for The Waffle Chic? The plan is to eventually get a brick-and-mortar location or a food truck, but for now, you can find pop-up events where you can enjoy these sophisticated waffles on the events calendar. Isn’t it time you treated yourself? Make it happen with The Waffle Chic!

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